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We all have a light within ourselves.

At times we choose to shine it, at times we choose to dim it so low, we almost can’t see it.

The choice to shine is ours, everyday we wake up!

Our light is God given, it is limitless on how bright it can go.

Our brightness is a matter of personal choice. Daily personal choice.

Why do we choose to dim the brightness? It could be fear, doubt, enabling someone else…or just knowing that shining will take you out of your comfort zone.

When we choose to dim our light, there is a price to pay. We live at 1/2 power, we only get to be 1/2 of our potential, and we only get to live at 1/2 joy.

And…there is a price for brightness…We stretch beyond our self imposed limitations, we get to be a lighthouse for those trying to find their way, we get to see people as God sees them – PRICELESS souls on a journey to their sacred self.



Today, March 10th, 2016 I jogged my first full mile!

This is awesome! I feel sooooo good!

I’ve been exercising for a while, going on walks, hikes, bike rides, attempted jogging and walking together and today, as I went outside, I decided to go for a full mile jog. I didn’t know it was going to be TOday…I just went out and started jogging…I kept on going without walking.

It was uncomfortable, it was a bit harder than my last adventure outside, and when I stepped outside I saw in my mind’s eye, myself coming home jogging, not walking. Can I say how cool it felt to actually do it!?!

This is the beginning of the journey of a runner. The goal is to run a marathon in training for a full Ironman. Is it a huge goal? YES! Does it scare me a little? Absolutely! Am I worth it? You bet! I had the desire last year to do this, the excuses won and I failed. This year, the desire got backed up by necessity. Because of health issues, I am taking exercising to the next level of commitment!

So, here is my first personal victory! I DID IT!

I will post as I progress on my journey.

Continual, empowering progress is the goal!


Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 8.57.18 PM

I am so excited to share what I’ve learned! My journey has not been the easiest one to go on, yet I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

And now, I am ready to share it with you! I am offering a free class to talk about the 12 main chakras in the body and energy field. If you have no idea of what chakras are, come and learn. If you know the 7 chakras and would like to find out about the other 5, this is the class for you. And if you would like to tie energy work to the scriptures, come and join us, you will be glad you did.

Hope to see you there!


  Have you ever looked back on a day, month, year or decade and wished you had made different choices, done things better, forgiven quicker or simply would do anything for a chance to do things over?
Welcome to your humanity!

Unfortunately time keeps on moving forward and stops for no one, never rewinds and moves things along regularly and continually.

That leaves us with regret. The Noah Webster 1828 dictionary says:

Basically, regret is pain. 

I like to find good in things that happen to me, especially the pain of regret. I am consciously choosing to let regret empower me. There are decades of regret of not taking better care of my body. Not exercising and eating better. Done with that program. This is the year I am going to be the fittest I’ve ever been. I am worth the time, effort and money that it takes to be healthy and I am worthy of it, period. 

Regret of words not spoken, or worse, spoken in anger; raising kids in a way that was not the best, yet, it was the best I had at that time; doing things I knew better than to do and did them anyway…the list is long. The action step is simple; stop feeling bad and start the change by speaking kindly today, being a better parent to my grown children  today, making better choices today. It changes the outcome, it changes me and it changes my world.


 The choice is always mine. When looking back on the decades wasted and gone, I can let it fuel me to change or I can do nothing and let time go by, knowing with certainty that later on, the regret will be greater and more painful.That is not acceptable!

What are you doing with your regrets?What are you letting them do to your mind and heart? Take charge and use them to bring good into your life! Stop feeling bad and start feeling empowered by them to do different, be more and go places you never been in life, because you didn’t know they existed! 

See you in the doing of things!


Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 7.43.36 AM

I am so excited! My life is about to change in a big way! I finally am in a place where I can stand and share what I’ve learned in my personal healing journey and help others do the same.

There are so many different types of energy work, so many ways of doing it. For me, I found that energy work is very powerful when you match it with the scriptures. It is plain and simple, it empowers people, it clears the mind and we can stop surviving and start living…with joy and hope in every day we wake up!

Chakras are great! They are connectors of our emotions, energy and beliefs. Throughout time God has given truth to His children, everywhere in the world in different ways, chakras are universal, eternal and amazing!

Because we are creatures of habit, once we adopt a belief, it runs our lives; good or bad, we live it every day. By aligning our energy, we can set ourselves free of self-imposed limitations (do to our beliefs) and really enjoy the day!

I am so grateful for all the experiences I lived through. Great people have blessed my life, wonderful insights have appeared in my journey and my healing has been an amazing experience. When my journey began with deep depression, about 22 years ago, counseling and serious contemplation of who I was and what I was made of; teachers appeared, spiritual gifts from God showed up and I began the climb to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. Although not done with healing (it is a daily process for as long as we are alive), a lot was learned and my life is all the better for it.

This is beyond my comfort zone and it is so thrilling at the same time! If you want to see what growth faraway of being comfortable looks like, I will keep you posted here. It has all the makings to be an exciting, faith growing, nerve testing and fantastic experience!


For the past couple of days I got to serve in jury duty in the United States. You receive a letter in the mail from the county court, you respond, they may or may not respond back, if they do, you are to show up and be part of a group where they will choose a jury from.

I was so excited to serve in the jury duty, I had never done it before. Curious by nature, this was a great opportunity to learn/see how the justice system works. I got picked to be a juror. Almost everyone was disappointed they were picked because of the time consumption and to have to be there instead of wherever they usually are. I was thrilled to be there, to have a bird’s eye view of the whole process.

It is slow, opening statements, evidence, people’s versions of what happened and closing statements. Did you know that the prosecutor gets 2 closing statements in a criminal case? And they have the burden of proving the defendant is guilty? The defendant doesn’t have to testify, they can choose to.

We were given instructions at the beginning and at the end by the judge. Through the trial, the other jurors and I went around the same circle several times. The more evidence and testimonies, the more our views got changed. However, at the end, when the judge instructed us and gave us the laws which we should abide by and the definitions of self-defense (it is a list of definitions, it makes it clear when someone is acting in self-defense and when they are not); we got to go over all the evidence, talk and share notes we took during the trial. We all had different notes, meaning, different parts that jumped out at us. It was interesting, as we sat there, exchanging understanding, laws and facts, we went from one side of the spectrum to the other and back.

However, when all the facts, laws, evidence and testimonies were put together, we all came to the same conclusion. As people, we didn’t want to get to that conclusion. As jurors we had no other choice. It was the result of a series of bad choices, and there was a big consequence for them.

As we sat and talked, we all felt bad, the verdict of guilty was going to change this young man’s life, however, the choices he made that night months ago, brought the consequence of a trial, a verdict and a sentence. Each of us as individuals of the jury didn’t want to give that verdict, yet, the law was clear; therefore we did. It was amazing to me. Putting law, evidence and testimony together, a group of 8 people that never met before, from different backgrounds, put our heads together and went through all the possibilities, all the facts we knew and arrived at a verdict.

The justice system makes it possible for people to have a fair trial and for their choices to bring on the consequences. I was amazed at how things worked. Grateful for the experience, I walked away knowing that the law is there for all, they are there to protect and to punish, by our actions we decide in what end of the spectrum we find ourselves.

Very powerful experience.




Last week we were blessed to spent in Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Resort!

I am a beach bum at heart, so it was simply scrumptiously delicious to be there!

There is nothing that says relaxation, vacation and recharge to me like being near the ocean. It is simply magical to my heart.


Today, in Utah…we got our first snow that is sticking to the ground. It is cold, it is white and it is here!

I firmly believe we are where we are supposed to be. Our vacation was phenomenal! We enjoyed every moment of it, it was so needed, we’ve been going too hard for too long without a break.

Utah has been home for many years. It is in the middle of the desert and there is no ocean in sight. However, we do have majestic mountains!

So, last week we were sunbathing at the beach and enjoying the whole experience. Today I am going to run errands in the snow and enjoy the whole experience. Do I miss the ocean, sure…do I love the mountains? Absolutely!

I was born and raised in Brasil, that is why I am a beach bum at heart; we had a beach apartment that we went to on weekends.

Since moving up to the U.S., life has been very blessed. After I got married, we got to travel to several places on the planet. We also got to live in Texas! Oh how I love Texas and the people there!

Yet, I can truly say that I am enjoying the season right now, as cold and white as it is.

All I have is now. I can hope, dream and plan for tomorrow, and tomorrow probably will get here, however, there are no guarantees.

So, I am enjoying the season I am in, where I am at and loving every minute of it.


Mind Over Matter

IMG_2790 2

Yesterday I went on a hike that I haven’t been before…sort of.

We started at a different point and ended up at a beautiful suspended bridge that I’ve gone on before. I knew how it felt to walk on that bridge. It was high and it swayed. Heights + swaying = Sarah’s nightmare!

So, as I saw our destination, I started a mental conversation with myself. “I am fine, I got this, I can and I am walking on this bridge. I feel fine. I am safe…” As I am having this mental conversation, my body decides that the body memory is much stronger than my choice to be fine.

Well…my feet went from under me and I landed on my bottom…really hard!

As I sat on the ground, I was hurting…and laughing at the same time. My mind knew what needed to happen, and my body refused.

So, I dusted myself off and proceeded to walk on the bridge, it was better than the last time I crossed it. Not quite how I wanted it to be, yet, much better (no nausea, dizziness or semi frozen state holding on to the side railings). We went on our hike and then turned around to go back to the car.

Well, when we want to learn something, change a pattern or improve ourselves, the opportunity shows up, every time, sometimes twice in the same day…On our way back as we were walking on the bridge, there comes a biker riding on it. It made it sway even more!

I had two choices; freeze and wait until he was gone or go on and get over it!

Mind over matter won! I just stayed the course and finished the crossing of the bridge with flying colors!

When something is important to you, make it happen!

Your mind is the most powerful thing you own…then again, it is just YOUR mind, and that YOU  can change!

Think better thoughts so you can do greater things.

I am going on and being more, being strong and getting it done!

Join me?

This year I develop a new hobby, hiking. It has been a slow journey, however it has been fantastic! So, slow and fantastic go together, I think.

I have a friend that introduced me to this hill. It took 3 pics to show the size of the thing. She calls it the “Bun Burning Hill.” No explanation necessary after you see the pictures.

Last week I took another friend to the hill and she challenged me to go at it without stopping. A month ago, I used to take 3 breaks on the climb, then 2 and last week I was at 1. After the challenge last week,  I made it to the top of the hill without taking a break! Yay me! I thought I was doing great!

I shared my victory with the friend that introduced me to the hill, she congratulated me and said that I needed to do it again! Today! So I went hiking with her, she does a light jog up the hill, I…walk slowly with my walking sticks. Well, ThomaLee (that’s her name) had funny ideas cooking up in her head.

We did it 3x without stopping. I told her I was done (I had arrived at the spot where the body says, “ok, this was fun, time to quit”). She said,”Really? I got a 5 in me” with a big smile on her face.

That made me stop and ask myself, “Are you REALLY done or is this just the spot where we stop because we are getting tired?” I amazed myself with the answer that it was the spot where we are getting tired.

So, telling myself in my thinking, all the way up and down, “I can and I am climbing this bum burning hill all the way to the top” we made it 5x without stopping!

I can, I am and I did it! 

So, when you think it is rough, when you want to quit, ask yourself, “Do I want to quit because I gave my all and I have nothing left or is it because this is as far as I’ve ever been and I don’t know what is beyond this point?”

If the answer is the second one, go on, be strong, you got this!

The bottom of this picture is the bottom of the hill.

This is the middle of the beast. And the picture bellow is the top.

Life Thoughts


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