As kids we believe and accept everything as truth, especially the negative things about ourselves. Interesting enough, the good stuff needs to be repeated over and over to stick. The negative needs to be said only once and you own it.
When someone says you are pretty, it makes you feel good and if you hear it again, you probably will believe that you are pretty.
If someone close to you says you can’t do something, we accept it as truth, they are right, you can’t. Therefore, sometimes we don’t even try.
We create laws in our mind (which is the most powerful thing we have, the power to choose) and we live the rest of our lives by those laws.
If we had a good childhood, we should embrace most of those laws and lead a happy life.
However, if we had a tough childhood, we can and should change how and what we think, do, feel, say and dream.
I had to learn that I am precious!

– There is no one like me in the whole planet.

– My body is an incredible thing. There is no pump that can pump as well, as long and as regularly as my heart…there are no lenses that can adjust, focus and take the image to my brain as my eyes…there is no computer that can work as intensely and with so many commands as my brain (keeping me alive takes thousands of commands to keep my body functioning, 24/7 without upgrades, downtime or new programs) …there is no messaging system that works as well as my nervous system to carry all the messages, to each organ, limb and brain. The things the human body does are absolutely incredible! And…we each have one.

– I have the ability to create my life in my mind. I am what I spend time thinking about. The power to be whoever I want to be is within me!

– I am continuing learning. What I do with that knowledge is up to me.

– I have a heart that feels, a mind that thinks and a spirit that desires to live instead of surviving the day.

– My life has a purpose, I found it after searching for years. We all have a purpose.

– I am capable of loving deeply and of being loved. That is something sacred to me.

There is more…as we go about our lives, we forget to be tender with ourselves. When we neglect ourselves, nobody else will tend to our needs that only we know exist.

So I made the conscious decision to acknowledge that I am precious and I should handle myself with care.