let go

Things happen as we go about living. Some are pleasant, some are plain, some are positive, some are negative, some are down right painful and some are scarring.
It is up to me to decide to let go and move forward.
Whatever anybody says to me, it might be surprisingly hurtful and I might want to own it. It is not mine to own. The pain, the judgment, the absurdity of the words spoken, the hate, the viciousness or the low self esteem…it is not mine to keep.
If it is from upbringing, change how you raise your children for their sake. There is something better out there, you just have to look for it and find it.
If you believed everyone that ever told you a mean thing, stop listening to the wrong people.
If you told yourself over and over that you are not a good person. Stop talking to yourself until you have something good to say.
If you think the world hates you…got news for you, they are too busy with their own stuff to put that much time and energy into your life.
Whatever it is that is keeping your heart in pain and sorrow, anger and frustration, revenge and judgment…let go!
Give it to God, ask Him to take it away. He will. You do have to ask Him to help you. He will not intrude, He only comes into our lives when invited. Allow Him to perform miracles in your behalf.

What is not of light, of love, of peace, of joy, of courage, of happiness, of abundance and of good, is not naturally a part of you. Give it up!

Life is too short to be miserable and too grand for us not to live up to our potential.

Look for the good and the bad has to leave. Bring in the light and the dark room becomes bright.

Holding on to bad events, not forgiving someone is “drinking poison hoping someone else dies.”

Let go and step into a brighter happier path.

Join me?