Choose to BE POSITIVE!

When life throws us a curve ball, we sometimes get down on ourselves and have a hard time going forward. You know, those days that have nothing good planned or are lonely and sad, or it just stinks to be you.

I was raised to be a very negative person. There was a cloud in every blue sky and it carried rain, there is a danger in every adventure and it is going to find you and there is a down side to every good news. So I looked for those things everywhere I went, in everyone I met and in everything I did.

Whew! I am so glad I changed! Life does have storms and we do go through them. We can prepare for the storm and have an umbrella and rain coat in hand or we can simply dance in the rain! Yes, we might get wet…so what? It dries!

What we think is what we say, do and feel. Look through your thoughts…are they positive, loving and kind? Do they hold a grudge, revenge and anger?

To look at things positively is a big switch to most people (I was one of them). We don’t realize that our words will tell on us. So, listen to what is coming out of your mouth. How do you usually answer or handle these simple things?

Answering someone’s question of how are you?
“Oh, I am fine I guess…” or “I am doing great! How are you?”

Looking at a hard situation with a loved one
“Well, I hope it turns out, but you know the odds, it doesn’t look good…” or ” Well, this is unexpected, lets look at options and do the best we can with what we have.”

At work, when the day is going pretty rotten
“This day sure is a hard one, I give up! Nothing is going right and I am sick of it!” or “Yeah, this day didn’t start how I wanted it to, I am going to do my best to get it to turn around and end on a good note.”

You get it. Do I sound unrealistic? Maybe to some, however, I can tell you that when I started watching my words I was horrified of what came out of my mouth, in my own voice. So I changed.
To be positive it takes effort, and when you start doing it seriously, your days become brighter and better.
I started small. I started watching how I talked about myself first. It was harsh. I changed that. Then how I spoke to my family…wow! That was an awakening moment! Still working on it, getting better each day…then the world…and as I changed at home, it was easier to change outside.

So, look for the good in things, until it becomes second nature. Speak the good you see someone doing and give thanks for everything you are blessed with. It will change your world!

Have a positive day!