How many times we didn’t do something or did it extremely fearful because of “what would people think”?

We all have been there one time or another. Sad thing is that we probably missed out on some great stuff in life because of other’s opinions, which really don’t count since they are not living your life, you are.

People will talk.

People will form opinions, good or bad they will share them.

That is what people do!

Each person has the right to believe and accept we are all unique, nobody is the same, our gifts might be the alike, however, we add our own twist into the equation.

Unfortunately, sometimes we tend to depend on other’s opinion to decide how we feel about ourselves. That works well when they think we are doing a great job, and it works horribly when they tell us how awful their opinion of us really is.  It makes life an emotional rollercoaster!

I love thrill rides at the amusement park.

Life itself, I like it to be peaceful, enjoyable and to know that what I am doing everyday is more than alright between God and myself. The opinion of the rest of the world doesn’t matter.

Years ago, people’s opinions were priceless to me. That belief landed me on suicidal depression city and I hit the bottom of the barrel. Since then ( 20 years have passed) I look at life way different!

Still working on how much power I give to my loved ones on how I feel (that is a tough one, they are in my heart strings), however, people out there…they can think and say whatever they want, I am more than alright being me, I am happy doing what I am doing and what they think of me is none of my business! It is about them and how they are feeling about life today. I just happen to be the object they are looking at when expressing what is inside of themselves.

So, today when someone pays you a compliment, thank them and realize they are having a good day, it is not about you…or…if they say something nasty about you or to you, realize they are having a bad day, say a prayer in your heart for them, send them love and go about your day with an attitude that will brighten your path and all of those that come your way.

Keep in mind, there are a lot of people out there listening and taking every word you speak about them to heart. Be kind when expressing your opinions.

What People Think of You is None of Your Business!