This is one of my favorite stories. Last year I was at the gym, I had gotten out of the sauna and sat down at a bench to cool down. I have met an Oriental couple and we had small talks in the sauna before. As I am sitting there planning the rest of the day, the guy (small in height and with a very thick accent) came and sat by me, by doing so, he bumped me out of my seat; he had my full undivided attention.

Making a very dramatic circle in the air with his index finger around his face, he asked, “Why you happy? Life is not that good!” I asked him what did he mean by that question? He simply replied that I smiled all the time, why did I smile all the time, there were bad things in life and there was no reason to smile all the time!

I firmly believe that compliments or criticism is not about the person receiving it and it is indeed about the person giving it, how they are feeling on the inside. This compliment however, made my day! I finally had conveyed on the outside how I feel on the inside. And somebody noticed!

This created the opportunity for a great conversation and to let him know that a smile goes long ways. It helps the person giving it and it brightens the day of the person receiving it. Life does have plenty of reasons to smile about. My smile is because I am very grateful to be alive and well, with a mind that thinks and produces my thoughts into my reality, with a heart that loves deeply and, a day granted to me filled with miracles and blessings.

So, to answer the question of my Chinaman…”why you happy?”, I am happy because I am doing my very best with all that I am and have! It feels great!