Yesterday I saw this man who was completely blind, with a good case of arthritis and older (probably early 70s) be dropped off by a building that I was walking into. The driver that dropped him off told him, “keep walking straight and you will get to the door.”
I was going in, so I grabbed his arm and helped him out. To my surprise, he was very gracious, with witty remarks and positive conversation.
As we approached the front desk, a guy that worked there, went to fetch a wheelchair and said so out loud; the blind man turned in his direction and said, “I don’t need a wheelchair, I can walk.” I told the wheelchair guy that he probably would need help in the dressing room…then it was my turn…”I need guidance, I don’t need help, I am able.”
Wow! Here is this older man with all these very visible challenges and he is making the very best out of his life! And helping people with his contagious attitude.
So, I am a very able person, without visible limitations. I am here to tell you…I am facing my day a little better and a little taller today.
“I am able,” and with the Lord I can do anything that needs to be done!
Goodbye mental limitations that are self-imposed and hello positive attitude!

I love when God sends little love notes from heaven to remind me where I am and where I am headed. So excited to be reminded that life can and should be great! I am definitely changing the way I look at things today.

Join me?