My dad is from North Korea and a preacher, he survived the North/South Korean war. He asked me the last time he visited if I had read my Bible several times…I hung my head and said that I’ve read it a few times (when I read scriptures I usually don’t read it from cover to cover, I study and jump from book to book on the subject I am studying)…so, he proceeded to tell me this story.

He said that when he was teaching this man right before they went into the concentration camp, the man had felt the Spirit of God and was converted into Christianity. My dad and his fellow preacher friends wanted very bad for this man to have a Bible. There was none to be found. They finally found a Bible, the cost was astronomical, they got their moneys together and were able to give the man a copy of the Bible. At that time, if you got caught with a Bible in your hand, you were punished and the book was lost.

Then he pointed to all of scriptures on the table, all leather, beautiful books and we can read it at any time. How much do we read it? Nobody is going to beat us with an inch of our lives, yet, how much do we read the word of God?

Well, I am reading it daily from cover to cover and still doing my studying as I read it…I am finding treasures that I thought I would share. Journaling my treasures feels amazing!

I use a King James Version.

The stuff I post here is what I got from it, not looking for argument or disagreement. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you do, I would love to read your comment on what is posted.

Have a blessed day.