Genesis 1:11,12

I was pondering how come we doubt ourselves and the answers we get from the Lord through the Holy Ghost. When we plant the seed of doubt, we cannot get faith as a fruit of that tree.  When we plant the seeds of love, we cannot get hate from that tree.

We reap what we plant in our minds, hearts and lives. That is how it was created, it will produce the fruit the seed produces.

So, if I want to be doubtless, I must plant seeds of faith and trust in God. If I want to love and be loved, I must plant the seed of charity and kindness. If I want to have joy, I must plant the word of God in my heart that I may find joy in all things, even the hard ones.

It was wonderful to have the Spirit testify that it was up to me which seed I planted, how I tended it and what I harvest.

I decided to weed out the seeds that didn’t bring forth good fruit from my garden and plant a whole new harvest of good seeds in place of it.

It makes life much better! It is simple, it is kind and I have peace.