Soooo, my husband discovered these cheesecake bites. He bought some and brought it home to see if I could figure out how to make them.
I played with it a couple of times and came up with something that we really like.
Here is my made up recipe. I don’t have quantities because I make them on demand, meaning, I keep on frying more as the family wants more.
I start with 8oz of cream cheese
1 package of won tons wraps (they are the little square ones)
caramel that you cut, not the stuff you get at your grocery store wrapped individually, got to go to the restaurant supplier or a place that sells good caramel
a mix of sugar and cinnamon

I cut the cream cheese and caramel about the same size to fit into the square of the won ton. I put it on the corner, then roll it half way; tuck in the side corners and roll it all the way to the opposite corner, so it looks like a pillow.
Fry it in hot oil and then roll it in the sugar and cinnamon.
WARNING: it is impossible to eat just one.