This is kind of interesting. Who knew a prayer would be answered so quickly, so drastically and so different than we expected.

I am working on making this story short and sweet. My husband and I finally decided to ask God what to do and He took us on the super turbo program.

My husband and brother in law were partners and business wasn’t going well (if you own your business, you know things go in cycles), well, the brother in law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage 4 and my husband really wasn’t happy with work. Here is where we decided to start really praying on what to do.

So we got an answer that wasn’t expected. My husband had been with the business since high school, he was in his 40’s when we did this, he had no schooling, he knew how to do many things in the business, he had worked every position from the shop to foreman, to owner (they did counter tops). And the answer was to get out and move out of state.

They were going to shut down the doors because it was a bad time in the economy and nobody would buy it. They started the process of shutting down the business, every Sunday became a fasting Sunday for us, one of those Sundays I was at church and this scripture jumped at me Jeremiah 17: 20-23. What it meant to me is to do more missionary work, keep the Sabath day holy – 2x and be teachable. Well, there is always room for improvement on missionary work and being teachable, however, on Sundays we were doing alright on keeping it holy.

That very week, my husband said he would have to work on Sunday, I reminded him of the scriptures that jumped out and he told me “the ox is in the mire.” I told him to do what he wanted…so he didn’t work on sunday.

That very Monday, he got a phone call from a guy that wanted to come and see the business to see if he would like to buy it, debt and all. He said that on Sunday all he could think about in church was business he had to buy. I know if my husband worked on that Sunday, the guy would have not been thinking of buying a business that was shutting its doors.

The business sold, Kurt (my hubby) helped with the transition and then was…where are we moving?

We ended up in Texas! No family, we didn’t know anybody and we had a fantastic experience.

So, when you get serious and ask God what He would do with you if you would let Him…brace yourself. You will travel roads you never been before, you will meet people that will change your life forever and you will change for the better you that you didn’t know existed inside.