We had a house to sell (we had built our dream home, where we were going to be grandparents in)…we have moved a lot since…

We put it in the market. It was a beautiful home, however, because we thought we would be grandparents in it, it was very custom to our needs. We had a heated driveway to melt the snow and heated garage to keep our boat from having to be winterized, radiant heating throughout the house, the master bathroom had no bath, we had a large shower with a heated seat and I wanted a bidet (look it up, I grew up with it).

Because of all these things, we had it in the market for a very long time. However, things had to take place, we needed a house to move into and it wasn’t available just yet.

We flew down to Texas, bought a lot at this private neighborhood with water ski lakes (Kurt’s dream) and an answer to prayer of where to move to (not knowing a soul) and found a house we could rent kiddy corner from our lot. Life is perfect, right?

Wrong! The house owner thought he could get his tenants to move out early because they were always late in paying their rent. Well, they didn’t move out early, they stayed until July, when their lease was up. We were out of our house in March. So we flew down again in February…and another guy that had a lot at the lake, said he had a house that would work, he was going through a nasty divorce. We went to look at it and it was perfect, if fit us and our stuff, boat included. We had taken a pile of listings to check out, after seeing the house we decided it would do until the one at the lake would be available.

After we left his house, he called and said we should have a plan B in case his soon to be ex-wife didn’t agree to renting to us. We pulled over , said a prayer and felt assured it would be alright…

We enjoyed the rest of the time at the lake with the future neighbors and came home. We packed the moving truck waiting for a phone call to receive a fax with a lease…nothing. We got in our truck pulling our boat with our family waiting for that phone call…nothing. Our families thought we were totally insane…we were begining to question our sanity ourselves. However, we couldn’t deny the peace we felt. Traveled for 2 days from Draper, Utah to Mckinney, Texas…nothing.

We got to Texas, got into a hotel, waiting for that phone call, the truck got there and wanted an address to deliver our goods…and…nothing. On the second day, finally, the phone call came and we had a house to move into.

Our faith grew a bit, our trust in God grew a lot and our kids watched all of these things happening. Would I trade it if I could? Absolutely not.

We landed exactly where God placed us. I am thankful we took the time to ask and to listen.