I saw a post on FB that said to get a mason jar and write little notes of good things that happened throughout the year, I think someone posted from Pinterest. Drop it in and read it on New Year’s Eve.

I thought that was a great idea, so I went a step further. I got a big jar, included my family in the deal and when we read it on New Year’s Eve, I am going to have pages where we will separate by months and glue all the notes to it, an instant journal of gratitude for the good things that happened to us in 2013.

When I hear a good idea, I write it down. When I go to meetings, I have my journal with me, you never know when someone will supply a nugget that you are glad to have heard it.

When I pray, I have my journal handy, an answer might come and I might not realize it was an answer until it is gone.

When I read my scriptures, I have my journal handy, the Lord has shown me some pretty awesome treasures in between the lines and I would really be upset if I couldn’t look back on it and receive that insight again.

When I read a book, I have pen at hand to mark the book and to take notes in my journal. People share their wisdom in their books, why not take note and ponder on it later?

When I hear a good idea, I record it, I think about it and if it feels right, I use it.

Keep track of the good things you are given, they might come handy to you someday, it would be nice to find it when you need it.