Rich Kamilla Reception (111)

Ok, so there are those moments that your sanity should be checked…mine was when I decided to make these for my daughter’s wedding. Thank heavens for good friends and family. They all came and helped.

It is simple to make…it just takes forever and a half to get it done.

Cake Bites

Bake a cake from the box, whatever brand you like best. I did white cake with white chocolate cover and chocolate cake with milk chocolate cover.

After the cake is baked, let it cool, crumble it by hand and then add 3/4 of a frosting container. For the white cake I used the cream cheese one and for the chocolate, I used the chocolate frosting. Mix it well, refrigerate for a couple of hours so it is easier to handle. Then shape them as you please…one by one.
have a brother in law that made the cutest snowman cake bites!  Then you dip the stick on the melted chocolate and stick it into the bite. Put it in the fridge so it can stick to the cake.

The last two steps are to cover the whole bite with melted chocolate, I use dipping chocolate, tap it on the side of the dish to get rid of the excess of chocolate and then sprinkle a sweet topping on it.

They are tasty and look beautiful!

Time consuming, and delicious!