Time sure flies when we are having fun…and when we are busy doing things that are not so important instead of doing the things that are.

We’ve heard a thousand times that older people when asked what they would change if they could do it over they would spend more time with family and less time at work.

Or, they would take the chances on the things that scared them the most so they wouldn’t wonder “what if…”

I’ve learned the hard way that I take care of myself and then I can take care of my family. It is important that I be positive and open to things that happen, they might not be on the calendar and they might mess up the schedule, however, my family is my business. If you haven’t made that a commitment, than take a look at what you are doing with your life. How is it working for you?

I love the object lesson of the jar with rocks, sand and water. You can put all three things in the jar if you do it in the right order. If you put the important and big things in first (the rocks), then the sand and the water  will fit in. If you don’t, the rocks will remain outside of the jar.

Kids grow up way too fast! I will testify to that. My oldest baby is 21 this year and having a baby of her own! I remember bringing her home from the hospital…Last year she got married and now she is getting ready to be a mom herself. Where did the time go?

I wish I had done things differently, I can’t make time go back. I wish I had let go of the day planner years before I did. I am still organized, get to my appointments and get things done in a timely matter. However, I was one of ‘those’ people that if wasn’t written down, it didn’t happen. Happy to say that today I still have my day planned on the calendar, however if something happen that is unexpected and I feel in my heart I am supposed to do it, I make it work.

My family matters more than anybody or anything else. My rocks are in the jar first.

How about yours?