Last year I finished my daughter’s quilt…it was in the making for a long time! I gave her the fabric on the Christmas of 2009 and it got done last year in the fall (2012).

I feel bad that it took so long and I had done so many other projects for gifts that came up like baby showers, babies born, weddings, birthdays…and her quilt stayed on the container, undone.


Finishing her quilt helped me to realize I want to finish my projects and if I am not going to finish them, they are going bye bye.

I have a craft room filled with things I’ve started and then never picked up again. I know I am the only one that does that, everyone else has finished everything they started, right? 😉

It feels amazing to get things done, one by one. Now I am working on my own quilt that I had the fabric for 10 years…in a container much like my daughter’s cut up fabric sat in, however, mine wasn’t even cut up….thank heavens I picked something that didn’t go out of style! 🙂

I am de-cluttering my life, getting rid of what I don’t enjoy anymore and letting someone else enjoy it. Procrastination is becoming a thing of the past, decluttering is happening right now!

Exciting times! Life is simpler, easier to manage and there is time available to do the things that matter to me.

If it is getting done, I am getting it done. If it doesn’t serve me anymore, I am giving it away or chucking it. If is something given to me that has sentimental value, I am enjoying it or getting rid of it (if I get rid of it, I take a picture and file it away).

Have you thought of what you could get rid of in your life so the guilt of not finishing it, the thought on the back of your mind that you need to get to it and “one more thing on the list that gets put on tomorrow’s list” is gone?

It is freeing to the soul! Try it!