Remember my daughter’s wedding that I mentioned…I also made apple pies for it, each cookie sheet makes 48 pieces if you cut it right 8 on the long side and 6 on the short side.

My sister in law gave me a recipe years ago that is a no fail pie crust. Yup, it never fails!

Crust for a cookie sheet

2 cups of butter (soften)

2 8oz cream cheese (soften)

4 cups of flour

Use a pastry cutter if you have one or a fork to smash the butter and cream cheese into the flour.

To make a top and bottom for a pie in a pie pan, half the recipe.


2 quarts of apples peeled and sliced into bite size
2 Tbsp of butter
1 1/3 cups of sugar

Mix together
5 Tbsp of concentrated apple juice and 5 Tbsp of corn starch
1 tsp cinnamon

Add all ingredients except apples and cook it until thick. Add apples to it. Pour it into crust in the cookie sheet. I made it lattice for the top, you can use a solid top.

2 cups of powder sugar
3 Tbsp of concentrate apple juice
1/2 tsp vanilla

Mix the ingredients for the frosting with a wisk and brush on the top crust before baking it (it is pretty thick). Bake it at 350 for about 40-45 minutes. Let it cool 10 minutes before serving. It is delicious with ice cream!