My son Gabriel is 14, I don’t know of a more literal soul upon the planet than this young man. He wanted a laptop for playing games. Mom and dad said that if he wanted a computer, he better start saving and make it a goal. I got to watch the whole process unfold before my eyes. He had a desire, it became a dream, then a goal…he got a job as a substitute sweeper at his school; he didn’t take long to become permanent and also got asked to work on Christmas break, that made him extra money fast.Saturday his dad took him to make his biggest purchase yet. He is thrilled, we are thrilled for him to have stuck to the plan and realized his dream so quickly. He knew that there would be rules with his computer and he is alright with that. It doesn’t go in his room, there are time limits and we have his password to check in once in a while.
I am very thankful for his example of focus and his determination to get what he dreamed of.
He is 14 and helping me stay on track. How awesome is that?