Life is busy, we get scared, we think we can’t do it, people tell us we can’t do it and a lot of times we believe it!  I know I did.
Well, no more! Now when things are good enough to dream about ( I check with God first), then I am all in!

Guess what that does? It takes fear and doubt to a whole new level…and it is up to us to make it a huge thing or a minimal thing. “How?” You would ask. You can either give fear the microphone and let it take the stage calling on the doubt to come out and keep it company in running your show or…you can tell fear “goodbye, I’ve got this and God is in it with me,” when we do this, it has to leave…faith starves fear to death!

Well, as you see my son on the pic jumping from the top of a houseboat at Lake Powell…here he is committed! There is no turning back! He is “all in”! He is going to get wet!

How many projects and dreams we gave up on it because we were at the beach just getting our feet wet? The water felt too cold, it looked too deep, we think we don’t know how to swim well enough to make it, and it takes too much effort to get to the other side of the lake…

Or…you could go to the top of the houseboat, make sure that the water was deep enough for you to plunge in (check with God on what you are doing), you know you are equipped to come back up and swim ( your faith is alive and growing), you trust that the Ok from the Lord is enough to carry you through this because you know He is in it as deep as you are (you made Him your partner in whatever business you chose to go into) and you commit yourself to keep on going forward even when the whole world tells you can’t! Why? Because God said you should!

So, go find that dream that you have been let it sit on the shelf for all these years, take it to your Maker and make sure it is alright to pursue it…then go for it! Go “all in,” stop at nothing, be deaf to the voices of doubt (people’s and your own) and listen to the choirs of angels cheering you on!

Today I am working on a couple of big dreams! God gave me a beautiful insight that I am going to share on another post, and I am all in! Doubt free, not knowing how, just knowing it is in God’s timing and He is never late!