Today I was taught by the Lord and I am so grateful He took the time to do so.

I have gratitude in all my prayers, I have gratitude in my heart all the time. However I have not expressed deep gratitude in a while.

What do I mean by that?

I have given thanks for my trials and tribulations and for the blessings in them. I have not given deep gratitude for each trial individually and every step in them and the solution for them that is right before me to embrace and to live it.

The Lord has me working on a couple of big projects and I have doubted and feared because I am human, I empowered the voice of others that had good intentions, and because they know me, I listened to them…or worse, my own voice in my head telling me that I didn’t deserve it, I was not good enough for it and there is no way I can do it.

Today, when I went to Him with nothing else but gratitude for everything I’ve learned, the faith I gained, the trust I developed, the doubts I learned to give away to Him, the forgiveness I asked for and received, the forgiveness I gave and the humbling attitude of knowing that alone I can nothing and with Him everything is possible (I am reading the Old Testament right now and I worship a God that parted the Red Sea among other great things!)…it was like instant medicine for disease.

All He wants is for His children to have joy! What are we doing to have that joy? With gratitude I can find it in anything! Even the loss of life, health, virtue, fortune, desire to live, love, trust…joy is there in everything that we can give deep gratitude for.

Will you join me in simply picking a trial you are going through right now and finding things in it to give thanks for? It will change the eyes of the beholder (yourself) and you will be able to get through it easier, with a smile on your face because you can find joy.

I am deeply grateful for this lesson today! I am giving many thanks all day long! It is changing my heart and my mind! It is helping me to become what I was created to be…a woman of God, a princess, the daughter of a King!