Do you ever get in a hurry for something to happen, someone to arrive or things to change?
I know I do. Does it help time to go faster?
Nope. The earth will still spin at the same speed, God’s speed.
Hind sight usually is 20/20. When we look at the details of our lives, we cannot deny that every time we had anxiety over something that didn’t go according to our plans, we find a very meticulous turn of events in our path.
We met the right person, someone gave us a precious piece os wisdom, there was something better in store, we found out we needed to address it differently, there was greater purpose in that moment than what we thought, you know…we can see things with bigger lenses, we get the bigger picture.
So, when God’s timing seems like is taking too long, change how you are looking at things and wait patiently. His delivery service is never late, it is open 24/7 and it is coming with the exact package that has the potential to change your life for the better.
Trusting God’s timing takes a lot of stress away…it makes life full of surprises and packed with delicious things for the heart! Enjoy the time you are waiting on Him. You will never be disappointed, He is always looking out for you.