Some of us have to do things that we don’t like it so much…that makes it hard to get it done. Why not find something to love in what you are doing, to make the task easier.

What do I mean?

Here is an example…I really dislike to do laundry…as I do my laundry I think of when I was a teenager and had to wash the clothing by hand in a big sink and hang it to dry…after it was dry, they needed to be ironed before we worn it (even jeans). That makes my task today a bit easier when all I do is open the machine, turn it on, put the soap in it and the clothes, then change machines…fold and put away.

If you were blessed not to have the same experience as I did growing up and still dislike laundry, think of how great it is that you and your family have those clothes to be washed! You have a plenitude of clothing to choose from and they keep you warm or cool depending on the season…you chose those clothing and they fit you. And you can take care of them easily and quickly so you can go do something you really are looking forward to doing.

I am really glad that I get to do the things I get to do.

I love to cook and I dislike to do dishes. I now do the dishes as I cook or when he is home my sweet husband helps me with the dishes. He likes to eat what I cook!

It didn’t use to be this way, however, when change how we see things…we can change how we do things! We can find help, we can find joy, we can do what we love AND love what we are doing!

Take a look around and find a way to look at the task at hand with an open mind and a glad heart. You know…the work might be there to get done because of the many blessings that you have. Give thanks for them!