Today I was thinking…what if we were meant to be down, negative and fearful?
I think God would’ve created a whole different world for us to grow in…it would not have beautiful abundant skies, it would lack the majestic sceneries of nature, it would be hollow as far as hope goes and we would not see miracles all arounds us.
Thank heavens for the goodness of God! We can choose how we see the world, what we do with our vision and how we embrace life!
I choose to look up and enjoy the grey skies of the storm we just had, I know it will change to blue and the sun will shine again…I look for the majesty of God in the flower, the trees, the forests and the beautiful mountains that surround me…Hope is my constant companion because it lives where faith resides and that would be in my heart.
Soooooo…how do you handle the beautiful life you have been granted today? Let it be the miraculous event that God created just for you:)