Have you ever noticed that the things that you fear the most, that you think about the most show up out of nowhere?

The things that we keep on playing in the screen of our minds are the things we get to face in our journeys, one way or the other.

The mind is the only thing we have that is ours and not God’s, He made it that way to allow us to choose Him or not. We can choose what we do, how, when and where…the consequences of it…that is another story. Nature was created by God and because of that it is full of laws. Yes laws. So, we can do more and better things in harmony with those laws or we can fight every day of our lives and be miserable trying to break them…which we can’t…we just hurt ourselves in the process.

Our power of thinking…that is where everything begins! Our dreams! Our fears! Our goals! Our journeys! The opportunities we come across! Everything!

There are times we meet incredible people who say exactly what we needed to know when we were searching for it. Why? Because we are keeping our mind busy with that subject, we are sending our energy and vibration out there and it brings us what we are looking for.

Miracles are brought that way too. How? When we are fervently praying in our minds, with an open heart and a contrite spirit…God can act in our behalf. Because we are acting according to our thoughts and heart.

This year I felt impressed to increase the amount of scripture reading by A LOT. At first I was kind of discouraged because that was more than I ever done before…then the Spirit was very sweet however very firm, ” Sarah, how can I change your mind and your heart if you don’t feed yourself daily with my Word?”  I can tell you that my mind has been changed, my heart has been soften and my being has more light, simply by reading His word daily and for a longer time than ever before.

Reading good books feeds the mind good things! Staying positive, changes the mind for the better! Being conscious of the things that you are saying, tells on your thoughts.

Do you say, “I am dumb, I can’t do anything right,” ” I can’t do this,” “I hate my life right now,” ” I hate my job,” ” I am scared of…,” ” I know I am going to fail at…” ? Listen to yourself, if what you are saying isn’t kind towards self or other people, then change the vocab!

What you think about day in and day out is what you live, produce and share. The mind is very powerful, be aware of what you put in there. Your happiness depends on it!