Let me ask you this:

Do you like being judged?

I know I don’t. If I don’t like being judged then what  gives me the right to judge others?

People will do things we don’t understand because we are not in their shoes, and if we were we would probably do it differently because we are different from each other. However, it is not for us to judge. If the opportunity is there to help them in any way we can, then let’s do it, without judgment.

We are in a society that carries a lot of judgment. The cars we drive, the clothing we wear, the toys we have or don’t have, the words we speak, the piercings, the tattoos, the drugs, the addictions, the financial situation, the health, the lack of health, the body shape, the lack of shape, the living conditions, the religious beliefs, the relationship status…can you see how many opportunities we are offered to judge on the daily basis?

It takes a lot of time, energy and thinking to judge people basis and we do it all the time! Sad story to be told.

On Petite Bite #16 I talked about being vigilant of what you are thinking about…please, let go of judgment, it frees up a LOT of mind space for things of no value.

There are times that we need to judge things to make a decision of doing them or not, that is alright. What I mean is, I am talking to someone and the drug subject comes up, I am invited to be a part of a group that is going to engage in drugs…I have made that decision ahead of time to not partake of it…in good judgment, I turn it down.

If I choose to sit there and judge them for it, that is wrong of me, it is none of my business. They are free to choose! Poor choice, good choice…it is their choice, so be it.

I believe there is a greater judge that will look at every page I wrote in my book of life . With an impeccable understanding, He is aware of everything I did. I hope judgment has no part on that book. Why? Because He is going to judge me as harshly as I judged anyone. That makes it a little easier to stop myself on my tracks and let go of judgment, it does no one any good.