This past week Kurt and I took Gabriel and Adrianne to the Hill Aerospace Museum. I had been there before a decade or so ago. Since then I have learned a lot, I look for little treasures and I look at things differently.

Here is where we started in the history of flying and also where we are past beyond.

Isn’t it amazing what the brain can think up?

From wood to metal, from flimbsy to solid, from very slow barely above the ground to extremaly fast, high and powerful.

When we look at the history of anything we can see the amazing progress and the successes achieved. If we look deeper, we will find the tries that didn’t work and yet, taught us something.

So it is with our thinking, our faith and our growth.
We are limitless in creativity! We are limitless in whatever we decide to go deeply, with purpose, faith, energy and passion.
Life is meant to be lived to its fullest, it is up to us on how full life can and will be, how bright it will get and how joyous it will feel to the heart.
Take your self imposed limitations off and go Ollin (all in). You will never be the same again!