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Sugestao Aceita


Esse e da minha epoca…Aurelio, vou te visitar mais frequentemente.

Meu primo sugeriu que eu comece a “blog-ear” (palavra dele, gostei entao vou usar) em Portugues.

Isso me fez ficar um pouquinho intimidada…hahaha, meu Portugues esta um pouco enferrujado. Entao, a voces que podem ler em perfeito Portugues…aqui vou eu!

Mais uma coisa que esta me levando alem da minha zona de comforto, entao vou criar uma categoria para poder esticar ao meu potencial.

Que tal?


I was talking to a friend today and I shared this story with her ( I don’t know the author of it to give the credit, I thank them for putting a very important truth into beautiful words), I also pointed out that Jesus is the very best ‘remodeler’ (Sarah word of the day – contractor in remodeling the heart). The only catch is, we get to give the whole heart to Him. With all of its broken parts, the favorite ones, the not so favorite ones, everything, everybody that ever lived in that heart, and all that has happened so far. He removes the rust of fear and of judgement, He makes it brand new! He fixes the leaks of many tears because of great pain and the water dries up! He can mend the broken pieces and make the cracks unnoticeable. He performs  miracles out of emptiness and He brings light into the darkest corners that only we and the impeccable contractor know about.

When we do that, wow! He never makes cheap fixes, uses ugly materials; He does the impossible projects in the right timing and with absolute beauty, He has ways to make things work out for the best and He has many suggestions that are always better than the ones we can come up with.

So, as you read this story, think about what pieces of your heart you are holding back. Are you ready for extraordinary things to happen in your life?

Then let go, let it be and let God be in charge of it.

I hope so!


Once there was this very wealthy young man. He lived in a great, elaborate house with dozens of rooms. Each room was more comfortable and more beautiful than the one before it. There were paintings and sculptures. Crystal chandeliers, golden, ornate railings on the stairs. More beauty than most have ever seen.

One day he decided to invite the Lord to come home and stay with him. When the Lord arrived, this young man offered him the very best room in the house. The room was upstairs and at the end of the hall. “This room is yours, Jesus! Stay as long as you like and you can do whatever you want to in this room, remember Jesus, it’s all yours.”

That evening after he had retired for the night there came a loud knocking at the front door. The young man pulled on his robe and made his way downstairs. When he opened the door he found that the devil had sent three of his demons to attack the man. He quickly tried to close the door but one of the demons kept sticking his foot in. Sometime later, after a great struggle, he managed to slam the door shut and returned to his room totally exhausted. Can you believe that,” the man thought. Jesus is upstairs in my very best room sleeping while I am down here battling demons. Oh, well, maybe he just didn’t hear.

He slept fitfully that night. The next day thing went along as normal and, being tired, as he w

as, the young man retired early that evening. Along about midnight, there came such a terrible ruckus at the front door that the young man was sure that whatever it was would tear the door down. He stumbled down the stairs once again and opened the door to find that were dozens of demons now trying to get into his beautiful home. For more than three hours he fought and struggled against the demons from hell, and finally overtook them enough to shut the door against their attack. All energy seemed to fail him.

He really didn’t understand this at all. Why won’t the Lord come to my rescue? Why does he allow me to fight all by myself? I feel so alone. Troubled, he found his way to the sofa and fell into a restless sleep.

The next morning he decided to inquire of the Lord about the happenings of the last two evenings. Quietly he made his way to the elegant bedroom where he had left Jesus. “Jesus,” he called as he tapped at the door. “Lord, I don’t understand what is happening. For the last two nights I have had to fight the demons away from my door while you laid up here sleeping. Don’t you care about me? Did I not give you the very best room in the house?” He could see the tears building in Jesus’ eyes but continued on, “I just don’t understand, I really thought that once I invited you in to live with me that you would take care of me and I gave you the best room in my house and everything. What more can I do?”

“My precious child,” Jesus spoke so softly. “I do love and care for you. I protect all that you have released into my care. But, when you invited me to come here and stay, you brought me to this lovely room and you shut the door to the rest of your house. I am Lord of this room but I am not Master of this house. I have protected this room and no demon may enter here.” Oh, Lord, please forgive me. Take all of my house — it is yours. I am so sorry that I never offered you all to begin with. I want you to have control of everything.” With this he flung open the bedroom door and knelt at Jesus’ feet. “Please forgive me Lord for being so selfish.” Jesus smiled and told him that He had already forgiven him and that He would take care of things from now on.

That night as the young man prepared for bed he thought, I wonder if those demons will return, I am so tired of fighting them each and every night. But, he knew that Jesus said that he would take care of things from now on.

Along about midnight the banging on the door was frightening. The young man slipped out of his room in time to see Jesus going down the stairs. He watched in awe as Jesus swung open the door, no need to be afraid. Satan stood at the door, this time demanding to be let in.

“What do you want, satan ?” the Lord asked. The devil bowed low in the presence of the Lord, “So sorry, I seem to have gotten the wrong address.” And with that, he and the demons all ran away.

There is a moral to this tale. Jesus wants all of you, not just a part. He will take all that you give Him, but nothing more. How much of your heart have you given to the Lord? Are you keeping a portion of it away from Him? Perhaps the attacks are coming more and more each day. Why not let the Lord fight the battles for you? He is always victorious. I have found that God made man simple, all of man’s complexities are of his own devising.

IMAG0807If you are looking for a very rich recipe that has chocolate, cream cheese and whipping cream, you have arrived at the right place!

This is an easy and fast recipe, a small piece goes long ways, it looks great and it causes a party in your mouth when you eat it. I found this recipe in when looking for an Oreo Cheesecake and it has been a favorite since. My daughter asks for it every birthday for the last 6-7 years. Of course I played with it and found the best for our family. I will give you the original and do my side notes as I always do.


1 1/4 cup chocolate cookie crumbs (take the filling out of the Oreos and dispose them)

4 Tbsp of melted butter

2 cups of whipping cream, divided (I use 1 1/2 cups)

3 (8oz) pkgs. of cream cheese, softened (I use 2 1/2 pkgs.)

1 cup of white sugar

34 Oreo cookies divided

4 oz. semi-sweet chocolate (I use Hershey’s chocolate syrup)

1/2 tsp. vanilla

Whipped cream for garnish


Combine cookie crumbs and melted butter; press into 9-inch spring form pan. Place crust in freezer. Whip 1 1/2 cups whipping cream until stiff peaks for. Refrigerate until ready to use.

With electric beater, whip cream cheese until smooth. Add sugar and blend. Coarsely chop 24 cookies (I use all 34) and fold into cream cheese mixture. Fold in whipping cream. Turn filling into crust. Cover and refrigerate 4 hours.

Loosen cheesecake from pan. Melt chocolate in saucepan over low heat; cool slightly. Whisk remaining whipped cream and vanilla. Glaze top and sides of cheesecake with chocolate mixture. Refrigerate until chocolate hardens. Cut into 10 pieces; garnish with whipping cream and cookie on top of whipped cream. (I use Hershey’s syrup, my family doesn’t like when the chocolate hardens. And the cheesecake is PLENTY rich, so I don’t garnish it with more whipping cream and Oreos).


The Lord is aware of our needs. Where ever we are, He is watching over us. Sometimes when we need a cover from the storm, He sends love notes from heaven in form of miracles and remind us that our obedience and reverence to Him are all He asks…and when we do it…He opens the windows of heaven and pour blessings upon our heads.

I am on the lookout for miracles…I saw a few this last week…and there are more coming.

“When was the last time you saw a miracle in your journey? Did you give thanks?”


Sometimes we get so focused on getting our point across that we forget that at the receiving end it doesn’t feel very

good to hear what we are saying.

Words can build. They can help us to encourage, love, support, honor, understand, explain, learn, accept and do all kinds of good things through words. They are powerful! When we choose the right words, we can change things around us, we can help and support people to succeed! We can succeed ourselves!

Then there is the negative side of words…specially in the heat of an argument, sometimes we say things that we really don’t mean to say, and they come out anyway because we are not thinking before we speak. Unfortunately words cannot be taken back. Words don’t leave visible bruises, their scarring is in the heart.

Words are powerful in whatever way you are speaking. When speaking, think before you say it. Is this something you would like to hear if you were listening to yourself?

Loving words make wonderful memories, the words might be forgotten, however the feeling lasts a lifetime.

Hurtful words sting as they are heard and weigh down the soul…they scar deep and for a long time.

So, before we speak we should think. As we think, we should be positive and kind, being positive and kind we can make a huge difference in our behavior, words and deeds.

Speak kindly, give compliments instead of criticism, it is amazing how much further it goes.


When I was a kid, I read this book. I thought it was cute and left it at that. When I was a teenager, I picked it up again…it had some things in it that I didn’t see at first…I read it and put it on the shelf. Then I became a young mother…I read it to my kids and found some treasures in it…

Last year I read it again to my youngest child and found all sorts of goods in it.

Now I am re-reading it again…with a pen at hand and taking notes, marking it and enjoying it even more.

If you never read it, do it!

Here are the two most known lines from this book.

“Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

“You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed.”

There are MANY other thought-provoking frases…it helps you to look at things differently, openly and with kindness, through a child’s eyes.

Sooooo, if you are looking for a short read, that will touch your heart and open your mind…visit The Little Prince…

You will be glad you did. 😀


We took the two older girls with us on a Mediterranean Cruise. Rome was one of the stops. We had 10 hours there.

If you been to Rome, you know that 10 hours is not near enough to see all that there is to see!

Pictures do no justice, you have to walk the land and see the history. Our guide was amazing. He turned to our kids and said, “when you are in class learning about this ancient history, you can say that you actually touched these monuments.” And he loved to tell the facts of every place we went, it was his passion!

I want to go back and spend days there. There is so much to see and take in.

So, yeah…my bucket list includes to go to Italy, with plenty of time, enjoy the view and learn more about the ancient history it holds.


This week my daughter needed pictures for a school project. So, we got to dig through containers of pictures (Rubbermaid tubs)…one of these days they will look all pretty in scrapbooks, until then, they are in envelopes in a container in my workroom 🙂

I came across many pictures, this one got my attention. It is of my husband Kurt and I at one of my bridal showers. a little over 24 years ago.

We look young, in love and full of hope.

I am glad to say that we are still young at heart, in love and full of hope. The looks might have change a bit, however, the relationship is strong, thriving and going forward. From that relationship, we have 4 amazing kids, a lot of joy, some sadness, learned a lot of lessons and made life better as we traveled the roads God placed us on.

Looking back, there are always things I wish I’ve done differently, however, I did the best I could with what I knew at the time. Therefore, I take the lesson to better my today and the tomorrow’s ahead. I also loved deeply, cared much and honored the day God granted me to live.

The question of the day is; “If life is what you make of it, what are you making of today?”

Will looking back on today bring a smile to your face or bring pain to your heart?

Think of that answer and do what you can to make it better, to make a difference and to have/bring joy in the journey.

Make it good!

IMAG0481(I was not driving when I took this picture)

Life is good and it can be fantastic!

When we invest in ourselves, the results are better than what we started with, right?

So, today I had an hour drive to get to my destination and an hour back. I took my phone with me which has a few (not as near as many as I want) good talks on CDs. Today my traveling companion was Tony Robbins. I LOVE to listen to him!

As I traveled down the road, I was laughing, listening, enjoying it, learning and wishing I could write and drive at the same time, I didn’t it, just wished I could.

I love to learn! It does something for me, it helps me smile because I got something that I didn’t have and nobody can take it away…I can share it, however, it is going to be with me for the rest of my existence.

In Brazil there is a saying “coffins don’t have drawers,” which means, we cannot take any worldly possessions with us when we die. We take our spirit, our knowledge and our testimonies…that is it!

So, I agree with Gandhi, “Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.” Learn as much as you possibly can and live it, experience, create, be happy…that you may have no regrets if you happen to die tomorrow.

How about it? One is never too old to learn, as long as you are breathing, you can learn. Learn something today!

What Is It Dessert


My mother in law found this recipe in a newspaper when my husband was a kid. He has loved it since then and we still make it at our home (not as often as he would like I’ve been told).

There are many other names for this treat, some are funnier than others.

What is it

1st layer:

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of butter soften

With a fork or pastry cutter, mix it well, press it on a greased 9×13 and bake it at 350 for 10-15 minutes

2nd layer:

1 8 oz package of cream cheese

1/2 of a 16 oz Cool Whip Container (I use whipping cream, just whip 4 cups of the cream and sweetened to taste, still add the cup of powder sugar to the layer)

1 cup of powder sugar

Beat the cream cheese, add the sugar slowly and then add Cool Whip or whipped cream. Let the crust cool and then add this layer to it

3rd layer:

1 lg box of chocolate pudding

1 lg box of vanilla pudding

When adding the milk, do 2 cups per box instead of 3. Place this layer on top of the cream cheese one.

Kurt likes it with the cooked kind, I’ve used both and they are both very tasty.


Spread the rest of the Cool Whip or whipping cream to it. Refrigerate for a couple of hours before serving, it sets up nicely.

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