It is way easier to find what we don’t like, don’t want and don’t care to do in life, right?

I love to do the exact opposite. How about looking for the good in the day?

A cranky co-worker, might need a smile or an encouraging word to see the day in a different light…a boss that is stressed, might need a vote of confidence or a sincere “how are you doing?”…a stressed out spouse might need help with something that you don’t know what that is, instead of offering solutions, why not ask “is there anything that I can do for you to help right now?” and then listen for the answer…a child with a broken heart over a friend, a school assignment or a situation just might need a hug and little bit of extra time…a negative person just might need a few positive words from your heart…a compliment goes long ways, a word of encouragement can be a shot of much needed care and a smile brightens up the room.

Then, when you find the good in someone, point it out! Share what you see and see what happens! It takes two positive things to erase a negative one, and there is plenty of negative floating around. Lets start bring out the good things, the goodness in people.

Coming from a former negativity queen, I am here to tell you, as my daughter puts it…”You will get the horse much further if you give it a carrot than if you use spurs.” You will help a person much more if you use kindness than if you use negativity.

Feed the hearts of people with love and kindness by pointing out the good they are made of, it already has enough yuck from the world we live in.