I must tell you, fear is powerful! Why, because we empower it every day with doubt and the thoughts of how unable we are to do what we want to do the most.

And…we are powerful! Thus, we make our fear as powerful as we are.

I don’t know about you, however, I am done living in fear. Here are some of the fears we feed on the daily basis and don’t even realize it.

– fear of offending someone

– fear of saying the wrong thing

– fear of being hurt

– fear of trying something new and exciting

– fear of what others will say

– fear of failure

– fear of success! That is a powerful one! See the poem on Good Things I’ve read “Our Deepest Fear.”

The list is big, you get the idea, right?!

In the scriptures we read that when we have faith, fear has to leave. How do we muster that kind of faith?

I’ve been working on this for years and this year I got an answer that changed my world. Instead of concentrating on growing my faith (which I do with slow progress, it is a long process and we are never done with it, it is one of those life long things) I was inspired to give deep gratitude! Yes, deeeeeeeep gratitude for everything. Even the things that I was praying away, I was giving thanks for it and saying the blessing that came from it. The instant I did that, they became a blessing! Yes, you read it right, they became a blessing not just in my mind, they were a blessing in my life! Guess what happened from that? My faith grew like nobody’s business! I am loving this process.

Here is an example; I’ve been struggling a bit with getting going in the morning and doing all the things in my day, so I started giving thanks for the lack of energy, it made me appreciate the energy I had when I had it (it is coming back because of changes I made in food intake and activity level). I gave thanks for the opportunity I had to see all the blessings I get to deal with day in and day out…the laundry I get to do because I have clothing for my family, I have electricity and machines to do the job, my family has the right clothing for the right season, we are not cold nor hot because of the lack of clothing…I am grateful to clean my home, it fits our needs, it keeps shelter over our heads, we are able to have people over and there is love in our home…I am grateful to drive kids around, because they are around me, they spend time with me and I get to talk with them, it is in the middle of the day, sometimes it throws a spin on my things to do, I am grateful I have a working car, the time and the child that is asking for assistance.

That stopped the fears of my heart. Fear of slipping to depression because I am low in energy (been there, done that and not going there again), fear of not having the needs met, fear of loosing touch with my children…it became a huge attitude of gratitude for the things that I do have and am able to influence in my life right now.

So, my fears are as powerful as I allow them to be and right now they are powerless!

How about yours? What are you doing about it?