This week my daughter needed pictures for a school project. So, we got to dig through containers of pictures (Rubbermaid tubs)…one of these days they will look all pretty in scrapbooks, until then, they are in envelopes in a container in my workroom 🙂

I came across many pictures, this one got my attention. It is of my husband Kurt and I at one of my bridal showers. a little over 24 years ago.

We look young, in love and full of hope.

I am glad to say that we are still young at heart, in love and full of hope. The looks might have change a bit, however, the relationship is strong, thriving and going forward. From that relationship, we have 4 amazing kids, a lot of joy, some sadness, learned a lot of lessons and made life better as we traveled the roads God placed us on.

Looking back, there are always things I wish I’ve done differently, however, I did the best I could with what I knew at the time. Therefore, I take the lesson to better my today and the tomorrow’s ahead. I also loved deeply, cared much and honored the day God granted me to live.

The question of the day is; “If life is what you make of it, what are you making of today?”

Will looking back on today bring a smile to your face or bring pain to your heart?

Think of that answer and do what you can to make it better, to make a difference and to have/bring joy in the journey.

Make it good!