Sometimes we get so focused on getting our point across that we forget that at the receiving end it doesn’t feel very

good to hear what we are saying.

Words can build. They can help us to encourage, love, support, honor, understand, explain, learn, accept and do all kinds of good things through words. They are powerful! When we choose the right words, we can change things around us, we can help and support people to succeed! We can succeed ourselves!

Then there is the negative side of words…specially in the heat of an argument, sometimes we say things that we really don’t mean to say, and they come out anyway because we are not thinking before we speak. Unfortunately words cannot be taken back. Words don’t leave visible bruises, their scarring is in the heart.

Words are powerful in whatever way you are speaking. When speaking, think before you say it. Is this something you would like to hear if you were listening to yourself?

Loving words make wonderful memories, the words might be forgotten, however the feeling lasts a lifetime.

Hurtful words sting as they are heard and weigh down the soul…they scar deep and for a long time.

So, before we speak we should think. As we think, we should be positive and kind, being positive and kind we can make a huge difference in our behavior, words and deeds.

Speak kindly, give compliments instead of criticism, it is amazing how much further it goes.