Everyone has had a heart break that has kept them from loving deeply the next time. Simply to preserve one’s heart, to keep self from hurting and to make things easier to let go…when things get hurtful again.

The thing is…when we don’t give our all, we don’t know how good it feels to do it…we will be missing a whole bunch of fantastic experiences and moments that will forever be engraved in our hearts. I am writing about every kind of relationship…romantic, family, friends, acquaintances and life!

It is delicious to the heart to love; it is hard to the mind to wrap itself around this concept because it works really hard at protecting self, at being rational and finding reason in all things.

To love deep is to say ‘no’ to the fear of “what if…,” it is to wake up each morning and have a reason to smile because you are happy for the freedom you are enjoying in letting your heart breathe and speak, it is embracing the moment and finding joy in it…completely disregarding how risky it is to open up and be yourself…without reservations and by doing that allowing the people you are with to do the exact same thing…the potential is limitless!

When I look back, it saddens me to see how much I missed because I didn’t love deeply when given the chance. Now days…I choose to love with all the love I hold in my heart and to tell my mind it is more than ok to love deeply! It has changed the way I look at things, it has changed how much I give of myself at any given moment and most importantly, it has changed the abundance of love in my life! 

Lets keep in mind that loving deeply starts with loving oneself the deepest of all. It is loving to be who we are, where we are, doing what we are doing and finding joy in life. If one is loving deeply and is not reciprocated over and over again, it is being hurt day after day and nothing changes, have enough self-love to know when to quit, to change and find new horizons for yourself. There is joy in life and it is for everyone to have it. God has put it there so we can look for it, find it and have as much of it as we would like. 

Will you look at how much you are allowing yourself to love and be loved and try to love deeply?