I’ve learned that it is much easier to serve than it is to be served.

Years ago when my kids were little and I didn’t have all of them yet, I got really sick. We went to Brasil on a vacation and when I got back, we all had lung issues. I had bronchitis, wheezing was part of the day and a respiratory infection. Doing house work was out of the question. Walking from my recliner to the kitchen felt like running a marathon.

I had awesome neighbors and people brought meals over, they helped with the kids and I had a very hard time with that. You see, I loved being at the other end of service…the giving end.

A close friend of mine, showed up on a saturday with her husband and 4 kids. She assigned everyone a chore and the house got cleaned , the yard weeded, the kids entertained, my laundry done and my pride hurt.

As she could see that I was having a hard time accepting service, we got talking. She was folding my underwear out of all things.

Our conversation went something like this:

Friend, “Sarah, you like to serve, right?”

Me, “Yes! It feels great!”

Friend, “And you receive blessings for it, right?”

Me, “Yes, the Lord has been very kind to me because of my service.”

Friend, “Then why would you want to take away the blessings my family is going to receive for serving you?”

Touche! She had me there. From that point in my life it has been easier to accept service when I need it. Now days, I enjoy when someone helps me to get something done or does something for me when I can’t.

Serving is something I truly enjoy and now it is something that I am deeply grateful to receive when the need arrises.