I am new to the blog world as far as putting myself out there and going for it, to really share. I’ve done a family blog, a recipe blog and a dreamer blog.

Diving in all the way! Video recording myself and talking to the world outside of my comfort zone!

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time on YouTube and figured out my account (technology is a learning opportunity for me), got it all set up and now I am ready to start recording myself, AIAIAIAI!

Shish, here is the next step of the unknown, learning technology along the way, speaking from the heart and trusting it will be alright!

Are there going to be mistakes? For sure

Are there going to be butterflies in my stomach? I have a colony of them already and I haven’t even started recording

Are there going to be emotions showing up I didn’t know were there? Umhum

Are there going to be fabulous moments of empowerment? Most definitely

Am I going to enjoy the journey? I am going to do my best at it!

So, here we go, into the uncomfortable zone!

Join me?