Being a woman means we are build differently than man. Our heart has more understanding, we are more nurturing, we see what the eye can’t see, we feel deeply and we care a whole lot.

Being a mom, we have been cheerleaders, counselors, drivers, friends, rulers, teachers, students, chefs, cleaners, on call doctors, listeners, mama bear…you know…all the things your children need you to be at any given time.

There are many women out there that never had a child, and yet have mothered many. They have brought something unique and wonderful to someone’s life, they have loved deeply and they have made a mark in their hearts.

I would like to celebrate those women in my life and in the lives of everyone out there.

Today is the day to celebrate mothering of any kind, at any time and given in the way that was needed.

Soooo, if you are a woman, if you have mothered someone, today is your day!

I hope you feel as loved as you love every day of the year, as cherished as you cherish those you love and as special as you make everyone.

Happy Mother’s Day!