Ok, so I read a bit. And I love to learn as I read.

The good thing is when you read the scriptures regularly, the Holy Ghost has a way of teaching that is amazing! He brings principles to remembrance in clear and powerful ways 😀

Soooo, here is one of them. I’ve learned about the laws of nature as I read Hidden Treasures by Leslie Hoouseholder and have tried to apply them in my daily life to the best of my abilities, some days I am more successful than others. As I was reading the Bible (I can’t remember where, this thought came to mind)…in the “law of polarity: everything has an opposite. A bad situation is equally good. Look for the good, and more good will be on its way.” (Hidden Treasures, p.197; Leslie Householder).

Well, it is pretty simple to understand. In the Bible we see the opposites in everything that we may choose for ourselves. good – evil; peace – torment; love – hate; joy – sorrow; faith – fear; trust – doubt…it goes on forever. The only thing we have to claim ours is our mind. Even our bodies are not ours, the Lord lends us breath every moment. There is not a thing we can do to change that.

Look at what I found! I thought it was a piece of treasure in my journey, it has changed my thinking, behavior and words.


There are opposites in everything.

#1 If that is true, than we go about life going up and down forward, feeling really good and really bad. True, it can be that way.

#2 Or we can sort of climb going up and down in emotions sideways, which allows us to go up and get to better places…eventually.

#3 In the scriptures we read that the path is straight and narrow. So, have you consider…if we decide that right now is the lowest point of the journey and everything from now on is better than this, we choose to find the great and the good in all things that come across our way. And our opposite of now is greater than now. When we arrive there, what if we decide to make that great spot (maybe the greatest spot you ever been at) the lowest spot in the journey and whatever comes is greater than it (we have to actively seek for greatness in everything). You see, when we choose that, there are no big dips along the way, at least no dips that are worth recording.

You ask, how can I say that?

I believe God is eternal, infinitely powerful and majestic. I believe I am eternal, connected to God I too can be infinitely powerful and majestic. Isn’t that great!?!

“What do you think? Does this empower you to brighten up your day?”