Have you ever had those moments that you feel ‘too blessed’ with all that you have going on?

Some people call it overwhelmed…I don’t like that word because it gives the feeling of ‘I can’t deal with everything I got going.’

So, what do you do with that?

I decided that my day is packed with everything I need to have a great day; sometimes it is more than I think I can handle, and then I remember…God equipped me with everything I need to go through life, I’ve got tools that I don’t know how to use because the need has not shown up in my path yet, they are there waiting for their time to shine in their area of expertise.

Instead of overwhelmed and out of fuel to do the day, I get curious and find the best way to make the day happen in a great way!

To start life God has given each of us a brilliant mind, a kind heart and a day with 24 hours in it. What have you done with it so far?

I get my tool kit that came built-in in my hardware and go to work!

I can shine light in dark matters, prayer is powerful in doing that.

I can cut the wires that are giving me anxiety, that are not within my power to re-arrange or to place it elsewhere. Giving it to the Lord speeds up this process like nobody’s business.

I can use the screw driver to tighten up the things that are coming loose before they become a big project. Following promptings avoid lots of crisis before they begin!

I can make solidify plans by using the wrench and making things stand where they should, solid and imovable. Gospel Doctrine is not something to be messed with, God is unchangeable, so should we be when it comes to His Doctrine.

I can use the hammer to pound on the things that need to be moved out of the way of my dreams. Allow God in the day, He is the best miracle worker I know.

You see, I have tools that are good to use and to get the day to go from overwhelmed to a very efficient work shop.

Life is busy! I just get the chance to make it happen in a good way each day I get out of bed and put my tool kit to work.

“Do you know what your tools are? Are you using them?”