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So simple and so very well said! Indeed we don’t have enough power to mess up God’s plans. On the other hand, we share His power when we turn ourselves to Him. Interesting…He will help us either way!
I rather enjoy His power on the side of He will empower me when I let Him in my heart!
How about you?


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Simple and True!


If we are the makers of our dreams, the walkers of our journeys and the ones living our lives…I think it is fair to say that we are the doers of our doing.

Can you see how powerful this is?

We are living what we choose to live, we are doing what we choose to do, we are receiving or taking in what we decide it is useful to us, we are loving who we find worthy of our love and ourselves, we are giving whatever feels right to give at that time, we are speaking what we thought about for a while, we are who we are because we created ourselves in our hearts and minds before we shared it with the world.

So, time to get busy, choosing good, doing great things, only partaking what is good for the soul, love fearlessly and completely, give the very best we’ve got, speak kindly and live to our potential…which is infinite, eternal and so very gifted!

Our individuality is proof that God is majestic, all power and absolutely in love with our souls.

“When was the last time you really looked at the choices you are making and did something to change it for the better?”

Learning Everyday!


This past week I’ve learned that people will act and react from their heart and it is up to me what I do with it.

Exercising self-control might not be what I would like to do, and yet, when I do it, I feel better, I see things clearly and it makes a difference for good in my world.

Moral of the story…be empowered and do what is right, instead of being right. So worth it!

Life is too short to fight every little battle that doesn’t mean that much in the end…Let go and Let God take care of it.

“When was the last time you decided to do the right thing instead of being right yourself?”



Have you stopped to look at the things God does for you everyday without fail?

He hangs the sun in the sky; the breeze to touch your skin; the weather is there, good or bad there is something to take note; he wakes you up every day in a body that holds your spirit and helps you do whatever it is that you do.

He listens to the prayers you say on your knees, in your car, on your walk, or He listens to the silence that comes from your heart because you are too hurt to talk to Him right now…He is there with you, do you let Him in?

He makes time pass, independent of your hurry or dreading of time, it is going to pass…He is punctual, perfect on the delivery of whatever is yours to have today.

Have you stopped and really looked at a flower and its intricate details, no flower is like another…and that is just a flower…He created a whole world for us to act upon, to rule over and to find joy in its details.

Today I had the privilege of watching the sun wake up the world as it does every day, regardless if we are watching or not. It puts on its majestic and it appears on the east horizon of wherever we are on the planet when morning comes.

So does God, He shows up in our lives every single day…do we let Him in to do what He does best?

My First Grandchild


It is hard to express the feelings of becoming a grandma. As I was with my daughter during her labor with her first child, I remembered my labor with her. How excited I was to be a mom and how I had no idea how much I would love each and every one of my children.

As my first grandson was born, it is hard to find the words to express how I felt. Here he was, a beautiful baby boy, with lots of hair, sparkling eyes and he had everyone wrapped around his finger from the very first time we laid our eyes on him.

As his dad handed him to me, his eyes were filled with tears, there was a certain holiness in the air. An angel came down straight from heaven into our lives. A strong soul came to earth to change our journeys. To remind us love at first sight is real, to show us that we don’t need words to love deeply and find joy…to teach us the simplicity of everything, the basics life offers and that we ‘grown ups’ tend to complicate life too much.

I guess becoming a grandmother I learned that my children are loved by me with every fiber of my being  and my grandchild now has come into that very realm, where the rest of the world is locked out of.

As I watch my daughter love and care for little Dakota, my heart is full. Now she understands how much she is loved, how much she is cherished and how important she is in my world.

Being a grandma has been a sacred experience, where I felt the love of God more intensely, I felt His presence in the room and I understood…I understood the power love has over souls. A miracle created out of nowhere and absolutely wonderful to every part of my heart.



Picture taken by my daughter Aileen.


My friend gave me this recipe from her Gaps Diet. She gave me a sample to try and then I went and bought everything to make it. Very important to have a silicon insert for the cookie sheet. If you don’t you won’t get it unstuck from the cookie sheet to eat. As it cooks it is sticky.

It is a really tasty snack and good for you!

I did double the recipe. If you do a single recipe, it is full cookie sheet. Remember to stay on the silicone mat.

1/2 cup of honey

1 cup of shredded unsweetened coconut

1 cup of sunflower seeds

1 cup of pumpkin seeds

1 Tbsp cinnamon (more or less to taste to taste)

1 Tbsp vanilla (more or less to taste)

1 cup dried fruit of choice (I found fabulous dried figs at Costco and ordered dates from The Nutty Guys) And I used a very full cup of each because I doubled the recipe.

Mix all dry ingredients and leave the dried fruit out.

On the stove warm the honey, add vanilla and then mix the dried ingredients (no fruit)

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. When you pull it out of the oven, mix in the dried fruit.

Add chopped nuts, ground flax seed, sesame seeds, chia, etc. I added Macadamia nuts, almonds, chia and ground flax seed.

Here is the silicone mat I got at a kitchen store, just fresh out of the oven, minus the granola 😀



Eu estou tao contente!

Minha filha e marido me fizeram avo pela primeira vez! Um neto lindo!

Quando pensei e escrevi, gostei da frase em Portugues melhor do que em Ingles. Entao eu tive que colocar.

A felicidade e a alegria se encontraram na esquina do horizonte e eu estava la…onde elas chegaram e entraram no meu coracao.

“Voce ja foi na esquina do seu horizonte com um coracao aberto para ver o que acontece?”


My daughter made me a grandma for the first time. That is another post in itself, but here is a love note from heaven for me today!

Yesterday was when my grandson Dakota was born, they 27 were long hours of labor, I was blessed to be there with her through most of it. When I got home after being up for over 33 hours, exhaustion got the best of me. Food and bed were the two things I was wanted.

That was saturday late morning, so, the stores that I usually shop for flowers were closed when I woke up. As a mom I wanted to take flowers to my daughter today, Sunday. I don’t shop on Sundays. Nevertheless, I presented to the Lord that I really would like to take flowers to my baby that just became a mama herself.

Well, as I went to church, during the women’s class, a sweet sister said that her peonies are beautiful and they were blooming! For any of us that wanted some to please come and get it, so they didn’t die on the bush, and others could enjoy them at their homes. Honestly I couldn’t buy flowers this amazingly gorgeous at the store.

I happened to know that last week she was wondering when her peonies would bloom, they were late this year. Well, the Lord knew I would be praying for flowers and He needed a way to answer that prayer.

The Lord is a God of details. The more we include Him in our lives, the more He can do for us.

“What details in your life are you keeping from God and not allowing Him to do miracles in your behalf, He even deliver flowers on a Sunday ? “


Jeremiah 5:22 (KJV)

I love the scriptures. When I study them in the daily basis and ponder the words I read, I find many treasures.

Today was no exception to that rule.

Reading in Jeremiah today, this verse kind of jumped at me.

The Lord has many laws that we are unaware of…this being one of them. He created a majestic ocean, it is many times the size of any shore it comes to. And yet, the law is that the water cannot go over the sand. It has to come with all its greatness and retract its power as it reaches the shore. How amazing is that? He put a ‘border’ of power on the ocean…the sand. Now, if you look at the sand, a single grain of it is not much. And then look at a beach and the size of the sand (a whole bunch of grains together)…that is something to behold.


Then you are going to say…what about tsunamis or hurricanes? Aren’t they nature’s? Isn’t nature God’s? He may cause it to do whatever He needs it to do. We are being called over and over to know the majestic God that created us all. In all His creations there is an invitation to His children. Are we watching, listening and finding the miracles in everything surrounding us?

“When was the last time you took the time to observe God in action?”

God gives us promptings to help us. Many times they are for us to serve others, a many times they are for us to better our lives, health and state of mind. As human beings we tend to do for others before we do for ourselves.

Yesterday I got a lesson that I didn’t care to learn. And yet, what a treasure it was. Tell me what you think…

I’ve been praying and getting some small insights on the things I should do to get to the blessings God has shown me are in store for me. I started them and then they faded along the way. Got ‘too busy’ to do them for myself. They were not anything huge…they were: read your scriptures daily, exercise, stay away from white sugar, white flour and yeast, eat less and eat less processed foods, meditate and serve others more. I did well in the meditate and serve others more. Did well at the beginning in everything else, then life happened and all went on the back burner.

Funny that when I asked what else needed to be done for better health, more energy, more enlightenment…the answer was…do the things you’ve been told to do, don’t ask for more.

Ha! That wasn’t fun,NOT! I was quite angry at myself!

Then I processed it, let go of it, forgave myself and now I am following the promptings to a T.

Much better day today!

“Are you listening to the promptings that God is giving you? Have you checked in lately?”

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