Jeremiah 5:22 (KJV)

I love the scriptures. When I study them in the daily basis and ponder the words I read, I find many treasures.

Today was no exception to that rule.

Reading in Jeremiah today, this verse kind of jumped at me.

The Lord has many laws that we are unaware of…this being one of them. He created a majestic ocean, it is many times the size of any shore it comes to. And yet, the law is that the water cannot go over the sand. It has to come with all its greatness and retract its power as it reaches the shore. How amazing is that? He put a ‘border’ of power on the ocean…the sand. Now, if you look at the sand, a single grain of it is not much. And then look at a beach and the size of the sand (a whole bunch of grains together)…that is something to behold.


Then you are going to say…what about tsunamis or hurricanes? Aren’t they nature’s? Isn’t nature God’s? He may cause it to do whatever He needs it to do. We are being called over and over to know the majestic God that created us all. In all His creations there is an invitation to His children. Are we watching, listening and finding the miracles in everything surrounding us?

“When was the last time you took the time to observe God in action?”