My daughter made me a grandma for the first time. That is another post in itself, but here is a love note from heaven for me today!

Yesterday was when my grandson Dakota was born, they 27 were long hours of labor, I was blessed to be there with her through most of it. When I got home after being up for over 33 hours, exhaustion got the best of me. Food and bed were the two things I was wanted.

That was saturday late morning, so, the stores that I usually shop for flowers were closed when I woke up. As a mom I wanted to take flowers to my daughter today, Sunday. I don’t shop on Sundays. Nevertheless, I presented to the Lord that I really would like to take flowers to my baby that just became a mama herself.

Well, as I went to church, during the women’s class, a sweet sister said that her peonies are beautiful and they were blooming! For any of us that wanted some to please come and get it, so they didn’t die on the bush, and others could enjoy them at their homes. Honestly I couldn’t buy flowers this amazingly gorgeous at the store.

I happened to know that last week she was wondering when her peonies would bloom, they were late this year. Well, the Lord knew I would be praying for flowers and He needed a way to answer that prayer.

The Lord is a God of details. The more we include Him in our lives, the more He can do for us.

“What details in your life are you keeping from God and not allowing Him to do miracles in your behalf, He even deliver flowers on a Sunday ? “