It is hard to express the feelings of becoming a grandma. As I was with my daughter during her labor with her first child, I remembered my labor with her. How excited I was to be a mom and how I had no idea how much I would love each and every one of my children.

As my first grandson was born, it is hard to find the words to express how I felt. Here he was, a beautiful baby boy, with lots of hair, sparkling eyes and he had everyone wrapped around his finger from the very first time we laid our eyes on him.

As his dad handed him to me, his eyes were filled with tears, there was a certain holiness in the air. An angel came down straight from heaven into our lives. A strong soul came to earth to change our journeys. To remind us love at first sight is real, to show us that we don’t need words to love deeply and find joy…to teach us the simplicity of everything, the basics life offers and that we ‘grown ups’ tend to complicate life too much.

I guess becoming a grandmother I learned that my children are loved by me with every fiber of my being  and my grandchild now has come into that very realm, where the rest of the world is locked out of.

As I watch my daughter love and care for little Dakota, my heart is full. Now she understands how much she is loved, how much she is cherished and how important she is in my world.

Being a grandma has been a sacred experience, where I felt the love of God more intensely, I felt His presence in the room and I understood…I understood the power love has over souls. A miracle created out of nowhere and absolutely wonderful to every part of my heart.



Picture taken by my daughter Aileen.