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Yup, I Am Guilty


Monday I was soooo tired. I have had company for two weeks and have loved every minute of it. The only problem with that is the repeated late nights of good conversation it brings into your life. I spent delicious hours talking late or holding a baby during the day. These treasures do come with a price…you get bone tired.

I wouldn’t trade the things I did the past two weeks for anything, and would do them again in a heart beat.

On Monday, when all was over…I did NOTHING. Well, I set in front of the TV and watched my favorite show for now “Lie to Me,” on Netflix, it is fascinating and I watched way too many episodes. Normally I would feel guilty for doing that, waste so much time doing nothing, just being entertained. However, my body needed the ‘doing nothing’ and I chose to listen to it. Sure, I could’ve read or slept, instead I just watched TV and it felt great! No guilt involved.

Yup, I am guilty of doing nothing and enjoying it!

“When was the last time you did something for yourself and enjoyed whole heartedly, without an ounce of guilt because you thought you should be doing something else?”

What if?


What if your most sacred dream or thought was out in the open for everyone to see, judge and criticize? Would their opinion matter? Would it stop you from living to your potential?

What if you were working relentlessly to get it done and life was way different than what it is now?

What if instead of keeping yourself in the same place doing the same things and never going beyond the point of comfort, you did something totally out of the ordinary, you stepped into the person God intended you to be and changed your world and of those around you for the better?

What if…today was your last day to make a move on the things you’ve been planning on doing and because you thought you would do it tomorrow, you missed the whole experience?

What if…you felt you should’ve said something and you doubted your inspiration…and the opportunity to speak was never presented to you again?

What if…you told fear to shush and you let courage take over? What would you do? How would you feel? Where would you be?

“What if you trusted God with all the details of your life and let Him take you where He meant for you to be? How different would your life be now?”


Hoje a vida esta mais linda que nunca.

Acho que e o jeito que estou vendo cada momento.

Parece sonho, nunca pensei que seria possivel ter tanta felicidade num dia so.

Nada especial aconteceu, so eu que estou sentindo o amor de Deus tao forte no coracao, que TUDO mudou. A vida ficou simples e eu estou vendo mais da pintura completa, ao inves de so ver o que esta na frente do meu caminho.

Estou apaixonada pelo dia!

Que delicia ao meu coracao!


For the past week and a half I’ve had the privilege of watching my daughter care for her little angel Dakota in my home. He has colic and thrush, so he is very uncomfortable. We do a lot of holding, she does a lot of nursing and nurturing and we just love him through his discomfort.

What has been amazing to me is that regardless of how exhausted she is, she always talks to him lovingly and serves him with all that she has in her. This is my baby you are talking about, she is 22 and the minute she held her son in her arms there was great love and care for that little one.

I am in awe watching her care for Dakota. I can see how tired she is, he is not sleeping well, but she does whatever he needs to be comforted, day and night.

Many women don’t have children because they can’t or choose not to. I just have to say, God knew what He was doing when He created women with a tender heart, a soft voice and a gentle touch. And He also knew what He was doing when He made a mother’s heart as happy as her saddest child. The love runs deep…I am witnessing this as I write.

Yes indeed, motherhood does come from the heart.

“Moms out there, know that God loves you and has trusted you with a beautiful soul to love, teach and raise unto Him.”



I have talked a lot about gratitude and I thought I would share my little mishap yesterday.

I was planning on sewing, laundry, holding my grandson, cooking and just taking it easy. Instead, when I took a  box out to the recycling bin, I noticed the flower bed was under water, the lawn was under water, the pine tree was swimming and I had no idea how to turn the sprinkler system off with that long key.

My husband came home and turned it off, however, it was not before it flooded my son’s room in the basement.

My to do list went down the drain. My day became moving things out of the way and start the wet vacuum going.

Sure I could be totally mad, throw a fit and make the day bad for everyone. What good would it do to anyone?

Instead, I vacuumed, got my son to go through his stuff and de-junk, All the corners, walls and carpet in his room will be completely clean and organized when we are done with this project that was not on my list of to do for the summer.

So, I am grateful my husband came home and rescued me in the middle of the day. I am grateful I took the box out instead of sending my daughter, she wouldn’t notice the water, I am thankful the landlord got on the phone and sent someone to fix it right when he got called, I am thankful it didn’t flood anywhere else, I am thankful my son’s room will get a deep cleaning after the carpet is dry, I am thankful my shop vac is excellent and it did a great job, I am thankful the house is big enough to get everything out of his room for it to dry, I am thankful I learned how to turn the sprinkler system off with the long key, I am thankful the sprinkler fixer guy was quick to turn the water to the house back on because we have a swamp cooler for cooling and it runs on water, which we turned it off so it would stop the leak in the front yard, I am grateful my daughter had an appointment with the chiropractor for her brand new baby and went to see her mother in law, so they didn’t have to listen to the shop vac and were not in an extra hot house, I am grateful…the list goes on.

So, when things go south (or not the way I want), I quickly look for the good in it. Find it and embrace it. That way, I can go forward and have joy in the journey.

I am grateful for floods, they keep me focused!

“When was the last time you had a ‘flood’ and stopped to give thanks for everything in it?”



Yesterday was quite the day. My son turned 15 and wanted a Brazilian dinner, so I spent the bulk of the day cooking feijoada and pao de queijo (cheese balls), with rice, steamed zucchini and tres leches cake; did a ton of laundry, drove Gabriel (my son) to the DMV to get his learners (forgot the social security card, going back today) and holding my little grandson Dakota.

My oldest daughter has the most beautiful little boy that is almost 6 weeks old. He needs to be held a lot due to colic and thrush (it is almost gone, still just enough to make him uncomfortable).

So, my routine has been modified for a while, since they are staying here with us. Yesterday I got to bed was pass midnight (talking with kids and putting the food away), before I went to bed I hang a little note on the door to let my walking partner know that I wasn’t going to be joining her at 6:00 a.m. I didn’t think a thing of it until my daughter on the way to the chiropractor saw the sign and laughed, saying she needed a picture.

Well, I thought I would post about it. Sometimes we get so busy and so tired that we just go on automatic and don’t take care of the immediate personal needs. Mine, today was a little extra sleep. So I allowed myself to have it.

It made a world of difference! So simple, a couple extra hours of sleep!

Tomorrow I am going on my walk (I need that too) and life will continue being filled of surprises.

Improvising for the blessings we receive unexpectedly is so fun!

“When was the last time you improvised to make things better for yourself?”


This really touched my heart. There are “Happily Ever After(s)” in the world today. The kind that you fix when it is broken, work at it when it is hard and find joy when there is sadness. The kind that makes you stronger because you are one with that someone.
My happily ever after has been 24 years so far and going way longer than that. Love it!

Romans_12_21(KJV Romans 12:21)

I was listening to some inspirational tapes (yes, they are that old) and there was a lot of good stuff in them that I forgot.

I pray all the time. Talking to the Lord in my heart is a habit that I created many years ago. When I am about to do something I check with Him, when I am thinking of someone I put in a word for them,  when I am working on someone I definitely am talking with the Father…but am I checking with Him enough about me?

How am I doing Father, am I staying spiritually focused in this world that comes at me from every direction saying the temporal should rule the day?

Every morning I get up, get on my knees and pray that He may use me as He needs to get His work done. I had forgotten to check if I am in need of any work!

So, started yesterday to check in during the day to see if I am on target with my spiritual growth, with where He wants me to be…I am short a few things. I also forgot to do all things to glory God. You can have a spiritual experience in everything you do. He created things spiritually before they were ever temporal.

So, does He understands EVERYTHING I am doing? Yup He does!

Can I have joy in changing a diaper? Yup I can.

Can I find joy in pain? Yup I can, I can go into gratitude for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and be grateful for all the pain and suffering He went through for me in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross so I could repent and have eternal life…it makes my pain not so great and I can endure it.

Can I see things spiritually before I see them temporally? It takes some  effort and getting use to, and Yup I can!

I am creating a new habit, checking in with the boss enough about me and my progress.

Am I filled with the goodness of God so I can be good, do good and feel good and evil has no room in my heart?

Praying to God to see how I am doing is not selfish, it is simply checking in to see what else is there that can be improved, intensified and the joy that I may not be partaking of because I was so wrapped up in the things of the world.

“When was the last time you checked in with God about you?”

Words Are Powerful!


Sometimes we wish we could take back the words we said because we can see on the face of the person we are speaking to, they have just been stabbed with a knife.

Sometimes we want to erase something we heard that hurt so bad and it keeps echoing in our thoughts. It gets louder and louder as we choose to believe it and it becomes a part of what defines us, even if it is wrong…simply because it came from a loved one and it must be true, because they know us and love us…

What about when we are so upset that we don’t think before we speak, we speak what comes to mind because that is how we are feeling on the inside and it doesn’t matter how harsh are the works of our words in that moment? 

May I suggest something? Recognize what you are feeling, check if it is the rush of the moment in a reaction or if it is something that is valid, that needs to be heard and that should be said with kindness, in a way that all parties involved get to keep their dignity and a good change comes from those words.

And when someone stabs you with words, recognize that it was a reaction, without much thought, it was just what came out in defense/attack because that person is in a sad place. Let go! And call on the Lord to bless them for whatever reason they need those blessings.

Words are powerful! Remember, they are not weapons, they are tools to build, create, love, dream, move forward and to keep us close to God.

“Will you remember kindness as you speak today?”



Have you ever had one of those weeks that you look at it on Sunday and ask yourself, “how am I going to do it all?”

This is one of them. However, I’ve learned something a few years back and it has been so helpful to me on handling myself on those weeks.

I simply simplify. Start the day by putting my list in God’s hands, He knows what needs done and what He has in mind to add to my list of things to do. Then I focus on the day ahead. This week is loaded to the hilt, and I am enjoying every day of it, every moment of it.

If you look at, I get to do things; there are a lot of people who would love to be in my shoes and do all that I am doing and can’t. Either they can’t do it physically, mentally or that is not their gift, theirs is something else that I can’t do.

Sooooo, yes, this is one of those weeks. And as always, the Lord made the sun rise beautifully this morning, He woke me up and is supporting me to do all that is ahead.

I am loving every minute of it! Simply because I can!


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