So, I went on a walk this morning with two friends. One of them is a gardener at heart and knows that I am not. My rose-bush in the front yard looked awful, the roses were long pass their prime and were in need of attention.

Me being the non yard person I am, have been putting this off as much as I could. My gardener friend loves to ‘play’ in the yard. She went home, got her shears and bucket and came back. She said she needed the conversation.

Little that she knew, it was not her that needed the conversation, it was me! Not even I knew I needed the conversation.

I am so grateful that God knew what I needed and he sent a mortal angel to the rescue. You see, my roses did need trimming, and my heart needed talking. So He put it in a package deal and sent my friend over.

What a beautiful way to start the day!