Reading the scriptures it tells me that by doing unto the least of these I am doing it unto the Lord.

As a mother we are constantly serving…the meals, the laundry, the ‘chauffeuring’ around, the nights we were up with a sick child, the scraped knees, the broken hearts, the dream building…you know, the normal stuff that mother’s do without a second thought.

How about those that are hard to serve. People that need help constantly and if they only would change a thing or two, their lives would be much easier?

Or  people that are ungrateful and abuse the service render? How about people that are hard to forgive and still need your help?

Have you been there before?

Unfortunately I know I have many times…

Now it is easy. You may ask why is it easy?!?

Simply because I know God loves them as much as He loves me and He can’t come down and help them, so, He uses my hands, He sends me!

Simple isn’t it?

I pray to see them to me as He sees them, not as I see it with my mortal eyes. That makes it better too. Then I pray that He fills my heart with the love He has for them

Then serving becomes a walk in the park.

Simply because as I am serving others I am serving God!

“When was the last time you served whole heartedly, without expectations and felt it in your heart in that secret place where you commune with the Lord?”