It is easier to quit than it is to go forward and do the very best you can with all you have. When we do this we get places we never been, meet people we never knew and become the very best self we have the potential to be!

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In today’s world, where everyone wants instant results – it is easier than ever to quit. It is easy to think that if it doesn’t come easy to you, it is not for you. It is easy to try something, and then if it doesn’t work out immediately, we can talk our selves out of the importance or the significance of it.  With that said, if you were to ask any person you admire based on what they have given, gained or done, they will all have a very similar formula for success – they never quit.

Here are four reasons why YOU should never quit!

1. Let’s be honest, did you really commit to the result? Did you really go all the way in? One of my favorite quotes from Les Brown is, “even if you have all the right keys, the key will not work if you only…

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