In the United States today we celebrate Independence Day.

Everyone likes to do fireworks, barbecue, get together with family, parades, parties and really enjoy the day doing fun things.

I like to remember the courageous men that got together, and saw the need for Independence. They declared the wrongs that were done to the people of the colonies  and how they were not going to be subject to tyrany any longer. They knew it was not going to be easy. They knew the price was high; however, they, with the people stood for freedom, liberty and their way of life. The sacrifice was great, and the people did it for the sake of their posterity and others that would follow. I am grateful for their insight, for the commitment and for their understanding of freedom.

In the year of 2001 I became an American Citizen, I had to study the government and had to take a test, I asked my family and friends the questions I was expected to know the answers to…not many got them right. I am very grateful to be an American. I am very grateful to live in the land of the free because of the brave.


In the past 5 years I have studied the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States with a Noah Webster 1828. Amazing documents. So very inspired!

When you celebrate the 4th today, take a moment and talk about the Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence and what happened for us to be a Nation today. Take a moment to honor them among your festivities. Reflect on the flag and what it means to you today to be an American or live in America.

Happy 4th of July!

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