Sometimes we wish we could take back the words we said because we can see on the face of the person we are speaking to, they have just been stabbed with a knife.

Sometimes we want to erase something we heard that hurt so bad and it keeps echoing in our thoughts. It gets louder and louder as we choose to believe it and it becomes a part of what defines us, even if it is wrong…simply because it came from a loved one and it must be true, because they know us and love us…

What about when we are so upset that we don’t think before we speak, we speak what comes to mind because that is how we are feeling on the inside and it doesn’t matter how harsh are the works of our words in that moment?¬†

May I suggest something? Recognize what you are feeling, check if it is the rush of the moment in a reaction or if it is something that is valid, that needs to be heard and that should be said with kindness, in a way that all parties involved get to keep their dignity and a good change comes from those words.

And when someone stabs you with words, recognize that it was a reaction, without much thought, it was just what came out in defense/attack because that person is in a sad place. Let go! And call on the Lord to bless them for whatever reason they need those blessings.

Words are powerful! Remember, they are not weapons, they are tools to build, create, love, dream, move forward and to keep us close to God.

“Will you remember kindness as you speak today?”