Romans_12_21(KJV Romans 12:21)

I was listening to some inspirational tapes (yes, they are that old) and there was a lot of good stuff in them that I forgot.

I pray all the time. Talking to the Lord in my heart is a habit that I created many years ago. When I am about to do something I check with Him, when I am thinking of someone I put in a word for them,  when I am working on someone I definitely am talking with the Father…but am I checking with Him enough about me?

How am I doing Father, am I staying spiritually focused in this world that comes at me from every direction saying the temporal should rule the day?

Every morning I get up, get on my knees and pray that He may use me as He needs to get His work done. I had forgotten to check if I am in need of any work!

So, started yesterday to check in during the day to see if I am on target with my spiritual growth, with where He wants me to be…I am short a few things. I also forgot to do all things to glory God. You can have a spiritual experience in everything you do. He created things spiritually before they were ever temporal.

So, does He understands EVERYTHING I am doing? Yup He does!

Can I have joy in changing a diaper? Yup I can.

Can I find joy in pain? Yup I can, I can go into gratitude for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and be grateful for all the pain and suffering He went through for me in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross so I could repent and have eternal life…it makes my pain not so great and I can endure it.

Can I see things spiritually before I see them temporally? It takes some  effort and getting use to, and Yup I can!

I am creating a new habit, checking in with the boss enough about me and my progress.

Am I filled with the goodness of God so I can be good, do good and feel good and evil has no room in my heart?

Praying to God to see how I am doing is not selfish, it is simply checking in to see what else is there that can be improved, intensified and the joy that I may not be partaking of because I was so wrapped up in the things of the world.

“When was the last time you checked in with God about you?”