Yesterday was quite the day. My son turned 15 and wanted a Brazilian dinner, so I spent the bulk of the day cooking feijoada and pao de queijo (cheese balls), with rice, steamed zucchini and tres leches cake; did a ton of laundry, drove Gabriel (my son) to the DMV to get his learners (forgot the social security card, going back today) and holding my little grandson Dakota.

My oldest daughter has the most beautiful little boy that is almost 6 weeks old. He needs to be held a lot due to colic and thrush (it is almost gone, still just enough to make him uncomfortable).

So, my routine has been modified for a while, since they are staying here with us. Yesterday I got to bed was pass midnight (talking with kids and putting the food away), before I went to bed I hang a little note on the door to let my walking partner know that I wasn’t going to be joining her at 6:00 a.m. I didn’t think a thing of it until my daughter on the way to the chiropractor saw the sign and laughed, saying she needed a picture.

Well, I thought I would post about it. Sometimes we get so busy and so tired that we just go on automatic and don’t take care of the immediate personal needs. Mine, today was a little extra sleep. So I allowed myself to have it.

It made a world of difference! So simple, a couple extra hours of sleep!

Tomorrow I am going on my walk (I need that too) and life will continue being filled of surprises.

Improvising for the blessings we receive unexpectedly is so fun!

“When was the last time you improvised to make things better for yourself?”