I have talked a lot about gratitude and I thought I would share my little mishap yesterday.

I was planning on sewing, laundry, holding my grandson, cooking and just taking it easy. Instead, when I took a  box out to the recycling bin, I noticed the flower bed was under water, the lawn was under water, the pine tree was swimming and I had no idea how to turn the sprinkler system off with that long key.

My husband came home and turned it off, however, it was not before it flooded my son’s room in the basement.

My to do list went down the drain. My day became moving things out of the way and start the wet vacuum going.

Sure I could be totally mad, throw a fit and make the day bad for everyone. What good would it do to anyone?

Instead, I vacuumed, got my son to go through his stuff and de-junk, All the corners, walls and carpet in his room will be completely clean and organized when we are done with this project that was not on my list of to do for the summer.

So, I am grateful my husband came home and rescued me in the middle of the day. I am grateful I took the box out instead of sending my daughter, she wouldn’t notice the water, I am thankful the landlord got on the phone and sent someone to fix it right when he got called, I am thankful it didn’t flood anywhere else, I am thankful my son’s room will get a deep cleaning after the carpet is dry, I am thankful my shop vac is excellent and it did a great job, I am thankful the house is big enough to get everything out of his room for it to dry, I am thankful I learned how to turn the sprinkler system off with the long key, I am thankful the sprinkler fixer guy was quick to turn the water to the house back on because we have a swamp cooler for cooling and it runs on water, which we turned it off so it would stop the leak in the front yard, I am grateful my daughter had an appointment with the chiropractor for her brand new baby and went to see her mother in law, so they didn’t have to listen to the shop vac and were not in an extra hot house, I am grateful…the list goes on.

So, when things go south (or not the way I want), I quickly look for the good in it. Find it and embrace it. That way, I can go forward and have joy in the journey.

I am grateful for floods, they keep me focused!

“When was the last time you had a ‘flood’ and stopped to give thanks for everything in it?”